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Universe, Mind, AGI, mumbo jumbo

The Universe. It's there.

The mind is in the Universe. It's part of the Universe. It's the Universe. We make the abstraction that what we do is decided by us. Just as the Earth can think of herself as orbiting the Sun. Earth is part of the Universe, so are we. All is natural.

AGI is in the Universe. It's part of the Universe. It's the Universe. We make the abstraction that if a computer does something that seems intelligent to us, it has a mind similar to ours.

What is happening actually? What is all this mumbo jumbo? Can I please have another view on the matter?

The U(niverse) can have virtual U(s) in it. The creators of those U(s) are the "thinkers". They make a dense representation of the U and act upon the real U "intelligently" according to their will. For example our knowledge is that dense representation. Our will is actually the next move that was given to us. But it was given by the same U. We cannot be intelligent and be part of the U. If …

AGI on the WWW and graph visualization

If you have noticed, recently a lot of web sites have acquired Facebook's like button. At first I didn't see the broad implications of this tiny button if it wasn't for a f8 LIVE video I watched last week.

At this year's f8 LIVE, Mark Zuckerberg and Bret Taylor introduced the Open Graph protocol. For the total nubs, graphs are (according to Wikipedia's article on Graph theory) mathematical structures used to model pairwise relations between objects from a certain collection.

Now, I have read about graphs here and there. They're visible in the following fields:
My dictionaries' future projects all ended up in graph-like structures.
My recent reading of articles on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) have also been related to graphs. If our gray matter is the synthesizing algorithm (see my article on the brain, in bulgarian) then it's cooperation with white matter (being a network layer) forms a good candidate for saying that our intelligence and consciousn…


It turns out that I have already written down some ideas on the matter:
Развитието на Света (Еволюция)

What (most) sciences are all about

Biology, Sociology, Chemistry, History, Astrophysics, Physics...
Evolution, Galaxy formation and evolution, Human evolution, Technological evolution (1)...
Studying what is now, how it came to be and how it will change.

How do you call this phenomenon: Universal evolution or General evolution? I think simply Evolution will do. Please fix Wikipedia's article on evolution and all those references to evolution theory concerning only living beings.

Ervin László is said to be one of the men whose "goal was to explore whether it might be possible to use the chaos theory to identify a new general theory of evolution". He's the man behind the Akashic Field Theory which states that an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious lifeforms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, …