Embrace Tools

This blog post is a reply to Mark Seemann's warning: Beware of Productivity Tools. I suppose I fall in the category of those that "feel passionate about ReSharper" and I simply couldn't resist the temptation to share my passion.

My background is Java and in that environment there are plenty of IDEs a developer can choose from. Given that, you're encouraged to try them all and to select the tool that best does the job. Talking about an IDE (not Notepad), one of the smartest IDEs out there is IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains. The guys at JetBrains have never left a Java developer breath, I think. With their constant improvements, there was always something to read about and learn. Simply amazed by their innovation and still waiting for some of the goodies to come to Visual Studio, like Auto-Save and Local History.

I switched to .NET only recently (1-2 years ago) but I still remember the initial frustration with Visual Studio. It was like using the good old Delphi IDE, whe…

Sitecore Social Connected 1.3.0 Add Account issue (fixed)

While configuring the Sitecore Social Connected module (v1.3.0 rev.121016) in a new installation, I bumped into the following problem. When I try to add a new network account, the wizard page that allows me to select the application is empty:

After struggling for a while, I figured out that the form is not initializing well and noticed that the Back button is enabled. It turns out that the option to  "Always skip the first page of wizards" is interfering. You need to click the Back button and you're taken to the Welcome page:   

Now you click Next and the form initializes correctly with the network selected and applications drop down loaded:

Update Dec 4, 2012:
The issue is fixed in Sitecore Social Connected 1.3.1 rev. 121129 released on Nov 29. The bullet states:
A network account couldn't be created using the wizard if 'Always skip the first page of wizards' check box was selected (375796). 

Evolution of Evolution Theory

It was a pretty big revelation for me to find out that Evolution Theory is not something that popped up a few hundred years ago. Darwin's role is much more recent and as the American zoologist and paleontologist George Simpson stated, "Darwin... finally and definitely established evolution as a fact."

Before this fact being acknowledged by a modern scientific community, a lot of men of science have written about their observations. This comes only to confirm the saying that all new is well-forgotten old. The detail that old men have managed to reach is amazing. They went as far as recognizing apes as our closest relatives.

The first source that came into my sight to support all this is interestingly enough of Arabic origin, The Muqaddimah. Here's an excerpt:

This is the case with the simple material elements; it is the case with palms and vines, (which constitute) the last stage of plants, in their relation to snails and shellfish, (which constitute) the (lowest) st…

Evolution of intelligence

I just read an interesting article covering a project for artificial neural network created from DNA.

What is even more interesting is a slide from the presentation of the research:

It's fascinating that intelligence is "devolved" to simple molecule interactions. This reminds me of how the computer is brought to life by one of nature's tools: the human.

В крак с времето

Направете си фланелка, PSD и EPS файловете са достъпни тук:

Nokia 6120 classic with Nokia (Ovi) Maps 3

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is strictly for educational purposes! I cannot guarantee that the described files work for everybody.

My Nokia 6120 classic has just regained its smartphone title in my eyes :) After installing iON BatteryTimer FREE v1.05 (which I recommend to everybody) from Ovi Store a month ago, today I managed to update the very limited Nokia Maps 2.0 software to Nokia (Ovi) Maps 3.01 :)

The sudden impulse to look again for an update of the Maps software, although several unsuccessful attempts to update it through Nokia Ovi Suite, came after reading the following discussion:

Someone has managed to update the program by changing the certificate with a self-signed and going around the limitation imposed on Nokia 6120 classic.

The first step was to get the .sis file. I didn't want to bother hacking Ovi Suite and e…