It turns out that I have already written down some ideas on the matter:
Развитието на Света (Еволюция)

What (most) sciences are all about

Biology, Sociology, Chemistry, History, Astrophysics, Physics...
Evolution, Galaxy formation and evolution, Human evolution, Technological evolution (1)...
Studying what is now, how it came to be and how it will change.

How do you call this phenomenon: Universal evolution or General evolution? I think simply Evolution will do. Please fix Wikipedia's article on evolution and all those references to evolution theory concerning only living beings.

Ervin László is said to be one of the men whose "goal was to explore whether it might be possible to use the chaos theory to identify a new general theory of evolution". He's the man behind the Akashic Field Theory which states that an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious lifeforms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process. I haven't read a lot about the theory and it might be a bogus interpretation but I think its going for the right direction.

Sciences are all related to our world, our universe. They describe its movement (evolution). Knowing all about the movement (evolution), you know how it came to be, how it is now and how it will change. Our universe is an evolution, a constant movement.

It's interesting to bring general intelligence to the table. How come we have the ability to reason about evolution? Recently I was introduced to different theories of intelligence and how our brain was attaining a level of understanding of what is around us. Just now I found an article saying that Brain System Behind General Intelligence (was) Discovered (two more articles on the matter in the Related Stories on the same site).

So the term Universe describes only a point, it's the Now. Evolution on the other hand is what we really need to understand. It's history of the universe, the universe of now and the future of the universe. How do we understand Evolution? By using intelligence, be it artificial general intelligence (AGI). What do we receive at the end? (Technological) Singularity.

1) a nice presentation for those who like visual


  1. Universal computing:


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