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Those little tiny spots on the canvas

During our lives, while learning about the world, we see that everything is composed of something else. Everything evolves into something else. Things change. And then, there are singularities.

Singularities are points of the world that the human cannot perceive into. There is The Big Bang that came from a single point. There are those quantum particles that space is "composed of" (maybe not a good example ^^). All those points hide an unimaginable amount of wow. Maybe those points are even more important than all the unknown worlds and undiscovered features of the world we are somewhat able to observe now.

What I thought about today is the "Technological Singularity". The advancement in speed, intelligence, etc. will ultimately bring humans to a new frontier where a new era will begin. This brings thoughts about the end of all things just like any other singularity out there. It's tempting.

Our society is a platform, a test-tube, for those scientific endeavors to…