Universe, Mind, AGI, mumbo jumbo

The Universe. It's there.

The mind is in the Universe. It's part of the Universe. It's the Universe. We make the abstraction that what we do is decided by us. Just as the Earth can think of herself as orbiting the Sun. Earth is part of the Universe, so are we. All is natural.

AGI is in the Universe. It's part of the Universe. It's the Universe. We make the abstraction that if a computer does something that seems intelligent to us, it has a mind similar to ours.

What is happening actually? What is all this mumbo jumbo? Can I please have another view on the matter?

The U(niverse) can have virtual U(s) in it. The creators of those U(s) are the "thinkers". They make a dense representation of the U and act upon the real U "intelligently" according to their will. For example our knowledge is that dense representation. Our will is actually the next move that was given to us. But it was given by the same U. We cannot be intelligent and be part of the U. If we were, we would've been outside it. Observing it.

So here it is, my bit of knowledge, wondering why the initial Big Bang occurred. Is this self-debugging algorithm performed by the U? We actually don't have a grand purpose besides surviving, multiplying and spreading through the U. So for the moment the U likes us. I see three options. Die from something, Continue to be for infinity, Something else (transform, etc.) maybe outside our U. But if we're outside U, we should be in another U. Can we exist without U? We should know what existence is and how can it be without a U.

If we do it, then maybe it'll be that just our U has managed to escape from its death. If our U is born and will die out? If we manage to get out (and we're the U), then it's our U that will survive.

Voila! Meaning of life solved. Evolution at it's finest. We're the survival instinct of our U ^^

The only "living" thing is our Universe. We're just an organ :) Maybe the brain, for the moment...


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