Sitecore Social Connected 1.3.0 Add Account issue (fixed)

While configuring the Sitecore Social Connected module (v1.3.0 rev.121016) in a new installation, I bumped into the following problem. When I try to add a new network account, the wizard page that allows me to select the application is empty:

After struggling for a while, I figured out that the form is not initializing well and noticed that the Back button is enabled. It turns out that the option to  "Always skip the first page of wizards" is interfering. You need to click the Back button and you're taken to the Welcome page:   

Now you click Next and the form initializes correctly with the network selected and applications drop down loaded:

Update Dec 4, 2012:
The issue is fixed in Sitecore Social Connected 1.3.1 rev. 121129 released on Nov 29. The bullet states:
A network account couldn't be created using the wizard if 'Always skip the first page of wizards' check box was selected (375796). 


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