Nokia 6120 classic with Nokia (Ovi) Maps 3

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is strictly for educational purposes! I cannot guarantee that the described files work for everybody.

My Nokia 6120 classic has just regained its smartphone title in my eyes :) After installing iON BatteryTimer FREE v1.05 (which I recommend to everybody) from Ovi Store a month ago, today I managed to update the very limited Nokia Maps 2.0 software to Nokia (Ovi) Maps 3.01 :)

The sudden impulse to look again for an update of the Maps software, although several unsuccessful attempts to update it through Nokia Ovi Suite, came after reading the following discussion:

Someone has managed to update the program by changing the certificate with a self-signed and going around the limitation imposed on Nokia 6120 classic.

The first step was to get the .sis file. I didn't want to bother hacking Ovi Suite and extracting the file from there so I looked directly on the Internet. After playing for a few minutes with the Maps support page I concluded that there were a lot of versions of the software. There was also Nokia Maps 3.0x for S60 3.1 devices which sounded nice. I found an interesting devices_ovi_maps-support.xml file giving the download URL of each version.

My original install package was:

There were several candidates for updating to 3.x. I tried to get the latest version but the certificate didn't match. Here is the URL: (for Nokia E71)

I then tried 3.01 and bingo: (non-rom)

I don't know what is the difference but there is also a rom version. (rom: E90, N95 8GB, N95, N82, N81 8GB, N81)

The installation of nokia_maps_3.01_09wk44_b01_s60_3.1_lm.sis started. It asked as usually for confirmations, also if I want to update my v2.0 to v3.01, and in the end it said it's done. I started Nokia Maps 3 and it said that it will delete my old maps, I confirmed. Maps started with a blank map. I connected the phone to Ovi Suite and it showed a link to update the maps and navigation on the phone. Once this process  was over I downloaded the new Bulgaria map (~31 MB) on the phone. I started Nokia Maps again et voila :)

Now I have not only Sofia but Plovdiv and other Bulgarian cities and even villages. It's also a lot faster! :) Nokia Energy Profiler shows 42 MB idle vs 45.4 MB with Nokia Maps 3.01. I read that I shouldn't run other programs together with Maps 3.01 as it can block the application but I don't see a problem for now.

Ah, what a beautiful night for science :)


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