Java has it wrong since 2002

If you ever made the mistake in Windows 7 to move your Desktop folder from C:\Users\%username% to D:\ (or some other folder) you might notice that Java applications start to flood your D drive (the root of Desktop) with configuration folders with names like .myapp. The explanation: when Java provides the user profile path to applications, it simply looks for the Desktop's path and strips the folder name.

Why would I want to move the folder in first place? Simply because I want to have my data on my D drive. At last Microsoft have provided the means to do it and now Sun/Oracle are in the way of being absolutely free to decide where you want to store your data.

What's really annoying is that the issue with Java exists since December 2002. Although there are 3-4 bugs related to this one and a lot of comments have been posted on the Internet, the bug is prioritized as 4 (low)!?

I'm not sure if voting counts but I have given my voice here:

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